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Art that is inspired by the Bible can provide a profound reflective experience that evokes deep feelings, insights, and understandings. Art engages us in ways that go beyond words, thereby enriching our study of the scriptures. As the saying goes, "A picture is worth a thousand words.# Indeed, art can enhance and add depth to our understanding of the scriptures and to our faith.


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Special Bible Creations by James Bennett

Mysteries of the Tanakh

Mysteries of the Tanakh
This beautiful, 168-page, full-color picture book presents 77 exquisite monotypes by James Bennett interpreting stories from the Tanakh (also called the Hebrew Bible or the Old Testament). The artwork explores the symbolism and mysteries hidden within the ancient, sacred writings -- imparting new insights from the past that might provide us with meanings for today.
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Via Christus - The Way of the Christ
Via Christus - The Way of
                                          the Christ
This little book (just 88 pages) will certainly challenge the reader to consider a new, progressive vision of the Bible. Via Christus (The Way of the Christ) presents full-color art reproductions, including twenty-four paintings that are based on stories from the New Testament of the Christian Bible together with individual verses rendered in calligraphy. The twenty-four paintings, which are the main theme of the book, were inspired by key events in the life of Christ, the work of the apostles, and the prophesies within the book of Revelation.
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