Art and the Bible by Jim Bennett
Bennett creating bible art"Art can help us understand the Bible -- especially for those of us who are visual learners. Art can portray our highest aspirations and deepest reverence. Art can reveal deep truths of the heart that go beyond words. I have used art as a way to explore those deeper truths. I invite you to join me in this exploration.#  
-Jim Bennett
Presenting an Exploration of the Teachings of Jesus and the Apostles from the gospels through Revelation, for the thinking, questioning person.
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This week's art &
                                            the Bible lesson

24 Original Paintings Created Specifically for this Course

Explore this exciting, new understanding of what the Bible actually tells us about God and about our relationship with others.
These lessons will explore the true meaning of Jesus's teachings taking into account what science has revealed about the physical world, health, and human psychology. These lessons address directly the social and environmental problems and other issues that confront us today.

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Listen to the artist's Introduction to this Course

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 This week's art
                                                & the Bible lesson

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The Art and the Bible lessons can easily be presented as a group study. Here is a suggested lesson plan sequence:
  1. Present the lesson puzzle as a warm-up activity
  2. Read the Bible selection
    • Thoughts/observations/comments
  3. Look at the work of art
    • Read the descriptive points and discuss the image and its bearing on the scripture
  4. Read the Artist's Thoughts
    • Discuss
  5. Fill in the Thought-Sheet
    • Discuss
  6. Final thoughts
  7. End with the prayer

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1 - The Guiding Star
2 - The Boy Christ in the Temple
3 - The Baptism of Christ
4 - The Temptation of Christ
5 - Healing Miracles
6 - The Beatitudes
7 - Calming the Storm
8 - Feeding the Multitude
9 - Walking on the Water
10 - The Parables
11 - Cleansing the Temple
12 - The Last Supper Communion
13 - That They Also May Be One in Us
14 - The Tomb Is Empty
15 - Ascension
16 - Pentecost
17 - Stoning of Stephen
18 - The Conversion of Saul
19 - Liberation of Peter
20 - Paul & Barnabas in Lystra
21 - Heroes of the Faith
22 - He Is Coming with the Clouds
23 - The Beast with Seven Heads
24 - New Jerusalem

Each lesson has six activity modules
which you may 
navigate in any order you like.
The modules will enable you to:

  1. Listen to and meditate on Bible verses about the lesson topic.
  2. Examine in detail a work of art inspired by the Bible verses.
  3. Read the artist's thoughts about his work of art and use the THINK-SHEET (worksheet) to explore ways to apply the lesson in your daily life.
  4. Extend the lesson with hymns, prayers, puzzles, and other art resources.
  5. Take a short, fun quiz.
  6. Tour a gallery-store and see greeting cards, art, books, and other related items for sale.

This week's lessonthis
                                                          week's art
                                                          & the
                                                          Bible lesson
art and the
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"Come Unto Me"

"Come unto Me#

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