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The resurrection from death is a common belief in many religions. In Christianity, the account of the resurrection of the Christ is recorded in all four gospels and is also referred to in other parts of the New Testament. It marks a major turning point in the history of Christendom and is a crucial part of the good news message spread by the apostles.

What is the message of this chapter of Matthew?

I believe it is saying that Jesus showed us that there is life after death for all of us.

ResurrectionOn the one hand, the painting could be depicting Christ's empty tomb, and we are looking in. However, the painting could also be a vision of our own tomb, and we are looking outward. Like Jesus, death is not the end. There is a glorious explosion of bright light that awaits us.

I believe there is eternal life in God within his kingdom beyond our own death. However, I don’t believe that after death we'll go to heaven, a place that's separate from this world. I don't believe such a place exists.

The idea of a heaven that exists up in the sky, is an idea that has come down to us from ancient times. Some people today still believe that such a place as heaven exists, and that's where they'll go after they die.

Personally, I don't believe that a place called heaven exists. All I can say is I believe strongly that after death we remain part of God's kingdom. And God's kingdom could definitely be described as heavenly.

Today like many other progressive Christians, I believe, at the point of my physical death, an intrinsic part of myself will continue to exist --  eternally absorbed into God, while at the same time, God will always to be a vital part of all those who are still living. The ancient texts refer to this intrinsic part of ourselves as our souls.

Some believe that death is final, and afterwards there is nothing, other than the memories of those still living. But that's not what I believe.

What do you believe?


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