Art and the Bible Lesson

Lesson 12
The topic for this special interactive lesson is the celebration of communion and how it applies to our world today.

Explore this lesson's six modules:
  1. Meditate on the Bible verses about this topic.
  2. Examine in detail a work of art inspired by these scriptures.
  3. Respond to the artist's commentary with THINK-SHEET (worksheet).
  4. Extend your study with hymns, prayers, and puzzles (includes a contact form).
  5. Take a short, fun quiz.
  6. Tour the gallery-store and see greeting cards, prints, books and other amazing art items for sale.

Click on what you want to see in the order you want to see it.

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                      art  Bible Quiz  Bible art
                      galleryArt and
                      the Bible Lessons

The Art and the Bible lessons can easily be presented as an in-person group study. Here is a suggested lesson plan sequence:
  1. Present the lesson puzzle as a warm-up activity
  2. Read the Bible selection
    • Thoughts/observations/comments
  3. Look at the work of art
    • Read the descriptive points and discuss the image and its bearing on the scripture
  4. Read the Artist's Thoughts
    • Discuss
  5. Fill in the Thought-Sheet
    • Discuss
  6. Final thoughts
  7. End with the prayer

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