Healing Miracles
24 x 18, Acrylic on Canvas, James Bennett, 2019

Healing Miracles of Jesus
  • There are two figures rendered abstractly showing only the general shapes of their heads and arms.The figures are inside an oval.
  • One of the figures is red. It is the caregiver shown comforting the other figure.
  • The other figure is green. It is the one being comforted.
  • The words, "Healing" and "Miracles," are written on the arms of the caregiver.
  • The words; "Illness," "Infirmity," and "Disease;" are written on the arms of the one receiving the care.
  • The words, "ALL ARE ONE IS ALL," are repeated around the perimeter of the oval.
  • In the background behind the two figures inside the oval is a bright, radiant star.

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