Walking on the Water
24 x 18, Acrylic on Canvas, James Bennett, 2019

Jesus Walking on the Water
  • This painting is my highly expressionistic interpretation of a painting of the same name by Ivan Aivazovsky (1888).
  • The paint was applied in vigorous, impasto brush strokes. It is intended to give the image a feeling of the energy of a rough sea.
  • Jesus is depicted as a blindingly bright, illuminated figure walking toward the boat in which the disciples are huddled. The disciples are painted in dark dull colors.
  • The figure depicted as a black shape is Peter who has stepped out of the boat and is attempting to walk on the water toward Jesus.
  • The sky above shows the storm clouds parting and light shining through.
  • The figure of Jesus is in the center of the composition. The rays of light emanating from the figure of Jesus are reminiscent of the guiding star in lesson 1.

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